Saturday, January 3, 2009

Becky came to town!!!

So this week my cousin Becky came into town and we had so much fun. It's to bad she doesn't come into town very often. I wish she could have stayed longer. Here are the pictures from when she was here. Becky, me, and my friend Mabry :)

Grandpa decided to join us in the picture taking

Becky, Grandma Marcie, Grandpa, Kyle, and Me

We went to tia rosa's for lunch (grandpa wasnt happy waiting)

Mmmmm we made fondu and it was gooddd

WE WENT SHOPPING!!! And as you could tell we did alot of it :)
We went into this one store and i had 2 get a picture with this hat on!
And of coarse we went to church. Its very important to Becky


  1. yay, danielle! i love the post, and I loved coming!
    talk to you soon!

  2. good job Danielle! I hope the rest of your family will post blogs too, your blog is super cute and I love the header on the top and the pictures of your parents. I'm glad you had fun with Becky!

  3. haha thanks and when r u guys coming out