Saturday, May 23, 2009

The beginning of a 3 day weekend..I am sitting here thinking about what I want to accomplish. I have lots of cleaning projects I should start on but instead by thoughts keep drifting to the vacation I should be taking but that was canceled due to the swine flu.

My son just left for his first day of work as a life guard at the local waterpark. It would have been nice if I could have posted a picture with this entry but he refused to have his picture taken. He hates me taking his picture and along with him not being a morning person, it wasn't happening!!!

As my kids start their summer vacation, I was just looking to see when they go back next year. August 12!!! What happened to school starting after Labor Day.

So EVERY Memorial Day weekend, Matt informs me that it is time to take out the dock. True to form the conversation came up last night. I realize it is not the job itself but the symbolism of the start of summer on the lake that husband is reminded of. Maybe someday we will have our own dock to put out. Actually the more I think about it, I will be the one doing all this dock work because his back issues. Remind me again about how much fun it is to have a dock!!!!


  1. Memorial Day is the time to put in the dock sillys! Its nice to hear from you guys too, hope to see more blogs.

  2. Anna Marie you're a great little writer! Enjoy your day off ... even without the dock.

  3. I love when you guys write, and I love hearing all about your family from grandma while I'm here.
    Happy Memorial Day!

  4. My husband too! I never had to participate in the dock installation and removal, but I sure hear about it. As frustrating an experience as it was, it certainly bonded my family as no other experience has. Putting it in was the beginning of summer, and taking it out was the end. They all worked together to achieve that. And it wasn't fun, but look how they all remember it!