Sunday, August 9, 2009

I just killed my first scorpion! I am a little freaked out right now. Kyle's friend killed one a few days ago so this makes two deaths this weekend. I knew when we moved into this new house that some dead ones were found during the inspection. I wanted to believe those were the only ones. I have listened to all my friends warn me that scorpions are a common thing in most Arizona homes. I chose not to believe. I will now spend the rest of this day on high alert. I don't know what color that is in military terms but I am there.


  1. You go get 'em Anna Marie! The day I flew home from your house I heard of a guy on another flight who got stung by one that crawled up his pants leg on the plane! He was so calm about it. He said it is like getting stung by 100 bees all in the same place. No thank you!

  2. AH! That is so scary. I can't believe you've never had them in one of your other homes.
    I would say DEFINATLY keep on the lookout.
    Can't you have an exterminator come?